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Four Head 2Ltr Auto Filler

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Four Head Automatic 2 Litre Volumetric Liquid Cream Lotion and Other Wet-State Filler

Full Description

Our PFM-4C-2L Four Head 2Ltr Auto Filler is a unique design in our filling range. This is because it enables a diverse range of product types and fill volumes that can be process with one compact machine. This filling machine can handle products from thin liquids to creams and pastes, and even products with soft suspended solids. This is a task previously requiring two different types of filling machines.

The valve system of the PFM-4C-2L Four Head 2Ltr Auto Filler is flexible in the product supply methods that can be used. Product supply methods are set according to the nature of the product or customer preference. The supply methods include: elevated, floor level tank or low pressure feed from an external pump. The standard PFM-4C-2L is pre-engineered to accept up to a maximum of 4 product cylinders. The product cylinders can be added at any time, so the machines capabilities can be upgraded as required to suit your production needs.

An additional PFM-4C-2L machine can be added to the production line and run in tandem. As a result it will give you an even higher through-put. Running in tandem will provide up to 8 cylinder output capability.

In addition to the fully automatic version, the PFM-4C-2L machinery is also available as a semi-automatic machine with manual container handling.

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Key Features

  • Robust pneumatic product cylinder drive system
  • Mounted on lockable castors for easier manoeuvrability
  • Easy volume adjustment while machine is running
  • All pneumatic flameproof operation suitable for use with flammable products
  • Individual fill and recharge speed controls
  • Sturdy low maintenance construction
  • Quick container size changeover
  • Filler is suitable for food and pharmaceutical use


Weight330 kilograms
Power SupplyAir compression
Construction Type316 grade stainless steel wet parts
Container TypeBottles, jars, tubs, containers that will stand on a conveyor
MountingTrolley mounted with lockable castors (mounts onto inline conveyor system)
IndustriesAll food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications
Air Pressure800kpa (100psi)
Units Per Minute20-50UPM (guide only)
Timer ControlPneumatic
SpeedTotally speed adjustable for all functions
Fill Range200ml - 2000mls fill range, single shot
Fill TemperatureCold or warm fill, up to 60 degrees
Fill TypeLiquids, creams, lotions
Not Suitable ProductsPowder and granules
BenchtopMounted to mobile welded frame
Machine CleaningEasy to disassemble for full wash up
VolumeFully adjustable
Filling Accuracy +/- 0.5 to 1% variance
Cylinder Sizes2000ml
Automatic FunctionYes, designed to be completely operator free