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Single Head BUF Filler NA



Single Head Semi-automatic Volumetric Bottom Up Liquid Cream Lotion and Other Wet-State Filler

Full Description

Our PFM-3-BUF-NA Single Head BUF Filler, is a semi-automatic liquid, paste and cream (bottom up) filling machine that is both user friendly and versatile. The heavy duty, all pneumatic design of the PFM-3-BUF-NA is compact, reliable and easy to clean.

Unlike the PFM-3-BUF, the PFM-3-BUF-NA design has been optimised to allow for a seamless upgrade to fully automatic operation should production demands require so in the future.

The PFM-3-BUF-NA also comes standard with positive shut-off nozzle and bottom up fill. The valve system of the PFM-3BUF-NA handles all types of bottling products from thin liquids to creams and thick pastes as well as warm and cold filling, a special valve is also available for hot fill applications. This filling machine will even package products with soft suspended solids. Previously this was a task that required two different types of filling machine or expensive change parts.

The cylinder design of the Single Head BUF Filler enables quicker dismantling and easier, more thorough cleaning of wet parts. A number of product supply methods can be used according to the nature of product or customer preference. Examples include close coupled hopper, suction hose inlet assembly, elevated or floor level tank, and low pressure feed from a pump.

Finally we have enclosed the stroke adjuster and air/product cylinder drive assembly with a safety interlocked poly-carbonate cover that shuts the machine off if an operator was to open the door.

If you would like to learn more about our filling machines, inclusions and modifications please feel free to contact us. A member of our sales team would be more than happy to have a more detailed discussion.

Also feel free to check out the latest blog on bottom filling machines and how they can meet your production needs.

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  • 1 x rotary valve setup (hot fill spool valve available/interchangeable)
  • 1 x bottom up fill (BUF) assembly that is already installed
  • 1 x positive shut off nozzle
  • 1 x top sensor assembly and piping
  • 1 x timer with connections and pneumatic circuit
  • 1 x rotary valve including seals
  • 1 x rotary valve body including suckback pin
  • 1 x curved outlet
  • 1 x hose barb
  • 3 x triclover clamps including seals
  • 1 x product cylinder (25ml-1250ml options available)

What does an automatic upgrade entail?

This machine has been designed and optimised for a future upgrade to fully automatic operation. If you wish to upgrade this machine in the future, our engineers will be able to complete the final modifications necessary to convert this machine to a fully automatic filling machine. A quote for costs associated with this upgrade will be provided prior to upgrade work commencing.

Rent or Buy?

If you are interested in a “try before you buy” scenario we also have variations of this machine available to rent. Simply head to our rental business Packserv Australia for more information.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty pneumatic product cylinder drive system
  • All pneumatic flameproof operation
  • Easy volume adjustment while running
  • Totally speed adjustable, fill and recharge stroke
  • Once dismantled by hand the filler can be fully washed down
  • Quick changeover of products and parts
  • This bottom up filler is suitable for liquids, creams and pastes
  • Filler is suitable for food and pharmaceutical use


Weight35 kilograms
Power SupplyAir compression
Construction Type316 grade stainless steel wet parts
Container TypeBottles, jars, tubs, containers that will stand on a conveyor
MountingTrolley mounted with lockable castors (mounts onto inline conveyor system)
IndustriesAll food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications
Air Pressure600kpa (80psi)
Units Per Minute10-20UPM (guide only)
Timer ControlPneumatic
SpeedTotally speed adjustable for all functions
Fill Range2.5ml to 1250mls fill range, single shot
Fill TemperatureCold and hot fill
Fill TypeLiquids, creams, lotions
Not Suitable ProductsPowder and granules.
Machine CleaningEasy to disassemble for full wash up
VolumeFully adjustable
Filling Accuracy +/- 0.5 to 1% variance
Cylinder Sizes 25, 50, 125, 250, 500, 750 or 1250ml
Automatic FunctionYes, designed to be completely operator free